Cure Tooth Decay

In the book Cure Tooth Decay. Ramiel Nagel  starts by the simple truth that we are unaware of, that

“your teeth are not designed to decay. They are designed to remain strong, resilient and cavity free for your entire life. Why should Nature plan for the failure and pain of disintegrating teeth. Tooth decay is not a result of Nature’s failure or a fact of aging, but due to the human error of poor diet selection”(pg 1).

I was going to retype a bunch of facts and research but I decided there is no need to retype what is already available so instead I will provide links to the articles. If any of this interests you please read more and research it.
The book Cure Tooth Decay
Dr. Weston Price and Weston Price Organization this link to the whole site but there is alot of info on teeth just search for it.

Here is just a little take home note from the book. The basics of eating to cure your teeth.

These special foods are as follows:

  1. Raw grass-fed dairy including, milk, cheese, cream and butter.
  2. Organs of sea animals including fish organs, fish heads, fish eggs, oysters, clams, mussels, and crab and lobster with the innards.
  3. Organs of land animals, including liver, bone marrow, tongue, heart, kidneys, pancreas, adrenal glands, gonads and for the more adventurous, brain, eyes and stomach lining.

Dr. Price found that a characteristic of groups containing a high immunity to tooth decay is that they ate regularly from two of these three food categories.

Our modern diet is so lacking in these special foods, and they are not consumed in regular amounts, so it is no wonder why our bodies degenerate.

Have fun learning and share your thoughts, ideas or great info.

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